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Beauty Training

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Beauty Business Consultation

In this private one on one session in person or virtual we will discuss the beauty business, back office, pay and social media. We will cover , skincare, hair removal, product lines. No direct training will take place with this session .Please book a training class to learn skills.

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Advance Facials

This class is a one on one session on advance treatment for all skin types. This class will cover how to build a skin care regime for treatment room. Enzymes, chemical peels and, nano infusion treatment.

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Enhance the sugar or wax Brazilian with the great add on treatment.Our most booked service @ Luxe Beauty Bar and Spa. We will cover how to preform the treatment, the contraindication and the benefits.

150.00 for 1 hour session



History, safety and Hygiene, contraindications, blends, customer service, marketing and waivers

Manual, supply & equipment vendor list and certificate of completion


Tapira Sugar Certification

200.00 Non refundable deposit
1 on 1 class 900.00
Class 4 or more 600.00

Our goal is to train each individual to provide quality service to their clients. This two day training class with certification will teach you in depth, the benefits that come along with sugaring, hands on training and how to add it to your new or existing business. Starter sugar kit Included


Brazilian Bootcamp

200.00 Non-refundable deposit
570.00 One on One class
270.00 class of 4 or more

Learn how to be perfect your Brazilian sugar technique. We cover the Tapira way, trouble shooting problems and much more.This is technique training class not certificate class


Shadow for a Day

Day in the life of a Spa Owner

Find out how to operate back office, booking websites, client retention, marketing and social media, and product knowledge for facials, hair removal, Vsteams and teeth whitening  We believe in providing our clients an experience. This is an in-person and hands on class. One on One

Want to learn more about our beauty treatment products? Contact us today . Certification of completion for all courses